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Darren Franich
September 22, 2011 AT 07:09 PM EDT

In the Downward Spiral Championship Race-to-the-Bottom to decide which critically beloved media company will do more to destroy their sterling reputation in calendar-year 2011, Netflix moved several more lengths ahead of AMC and Sony today when, in the wake of the surprisingly leadfooted Qwikster launch, Reed Hastings took the stage in the middle of the f8 Keynote Speech to talk about Facebook/Netflix integration, which seemed like a readymade slam-dunk story for Netflix… until Hastings ended his speech by noting that the integration would be available pretty much everywhere except for America, thanks to a unique-to-the-US rental privacy law currently being debated by Congress. Netflix’s blog currently has a call-to-arms post asking Netflix users to call their local Congressmen.

In all likelihood, the law will be turned over — because money talks and big business owns city hall and Clay Davis needs money for his re-election campaign — but this is yet another dagger in the heart of any Netflix user. Oh well, at least Hastings name-dropped Breaking Bad a few dozen times.

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