Kyle Anderson
September 22, 2011 AT 10:04 PM EDT

When Queen frontman and general force of nature Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991, that looked like the end of the band (the tracks on 1995’s Made In Heaven feature vocals Mercury recorded prior to his death).

Still, that hasn’t stopped the members of Queen from trying to keep the magic alive. There was the ill-advised 2008 album with Paul Rodgers, as well as a number of theater projects that incorporate the band’s most iconic songs.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has decided to go a different route. Even though he’s an actual member of Queen, he has decided to put together his own tribute act, which he is calling Queen Extravaganza, and he is looking for a few good men (or women) to fill in the various necessary roles.

Of course, the most difficult jumpsuit to fill is Mercury’s, but there is already one guy who is apparently up to the task. The Internet has been buzzing about Marc Martel, frontman for Canadian Christian rockers downhere.

His take on “Somebody to Love” was uploaded to Queen Extravaganza’s YouTube page and immediately caught fire. Is he the heir apparent to Mercury’s glittery throne? Decide for yourself after the jump.

That’s a pretty impressive spin through a rather difficult tune (ask anybody who has mistakenly chosen “Somebody to Love” as his karaoke jam). While he doesn’t quite have Mercury’s charisma — though in fairness, that’s basically impossible — Martel certainly has the chops.

Based on some samples posted at his band’s website, Martel is used to infusing classic rock riffs with a heaping helping of high drama, so he’s been in training. Does he realize he’ll have to ditch his strange mountain-man look in favor of this? That could be the only thing standing in between him and Tim “Ripper” Owens-esque infamy.

What do you think of Martel’s take on “Somebody to Love”? Sound off in the comments.


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