Sandra Gonzalez
September 23, 2011 AT 04:40 PM EDT

A young couple once featured on MTV’s docu-series 16 and Pregnant have lost their child to the state and now face charges of child endangerment after being arrested Tuesday, according to reports.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services took custody of the 2-year-old daughter of Joshua Rendon and Ebony Jackson-Rendon after a search of their home at the Little Rock Air Force Base revealed unsanitary living conditions and drug paraphernalia. According to reports citing police sources, feces, flies, and maggots were found in the home, as well as one gram of synthetic marijuana, empty packaging, and pipes allegedly used to smoke the controlled substance.

Along with child endangerment, they also face numerous other drug related charges. . Rendon and Jackson-Rendon, both 19, appeared on the first season of the show.

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