Aly Semigran
September 28, 2011 AT 02:32 PM EDT

The presidential election is still over a year away, but for comedians and late-night talk-show hosts, the chance to skewer the candidates can never come soon enough. Especially if one of the potential candidates has one very memorable physical attribute. (Case in point: Michele Bachmann’s crazy eyes.)

Last night, David Letterman took the opportunity to take a shot at New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, who has been courted to throw his hat in the presidential ring. (C’mon, let’s get it out of the way, that hat might look like this.) Alas, it wasn’t Christie’s political agenda, nor his negative feelings about Jersey Shore (though if he ran on the No-Tax-Breaks-For-the-Snookis platform alone, he might be the immediate frontrunner) that made him the subject of Letterman’s Top 10 list. It was his hefty figure.

Watch as Letterman explains “Ways The Country Would Be Different If Chris Christie Were President,” which includes the in no-way-awful-sounding “secretary of cake,” a Presidential retreat at Hershey Park, and much to the delight of Michael Scott, the new National Anthem would be the Chili’s classic commercial jingle “I Want My Baby (Back Ribs).”

What did you think of Letterman’s Chris Christie-themed Top-10 list, PopWatchers? Too easy or flat-out funny? Would you be okay with invading IHOP instead of Iraq, too? Share in the comments section below!

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