September 29, 2011 at 11:00 AM EDT


Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: South Pacific.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Every season when I talk to the contestants before the game starts they go on about all these things that they are not going to reveal to the other players. And then they get out there and can’t help themselves. The latest example was Brandon telling his entire tribe about being Russell’s nephew, which he promised he wouldn’t do. Why can’t these people zip their lips? Is it a lack of discipline? And seeing as how people seem to have such a hard time keeping secrets about themselves, do you think contestants are better off just telling the truth from the get-go as opposed to having to come clean or get caught in a lie later?

JEFF PROBST: I think the answer to this question is the reason reality works in general – people want to talk about themselves. Whenever this topic comes up in casting and someone says “I’m not gonna tell anybody I’m a doctor,” I immediately say, “You won’t be able to help yourself.” People just want to talk and they want to share who they are and their accomplishments. In Brandon’s case, the guy is just so conflicted he doesn’t know what to do and as a result he’s reacting rather than acting and everybody sees it. It’s killing his game right now but it’s making him a candidate to take to the end because I don’t think he can win…at this point, anyway.

EW: Semhar is the first person to exit the game, as you predicted before the season started. (Good call!) So now I’m going to put you on the spot: Which contestant from which season were you most sorry to see go out first? (My vote goes to Francesca from Redemption Island.) 

JP: Hmm good question.. and good guess as to my answer, but you’re wrong!  I did like Francesca and would actually like to see her back on the show, but my biggest disappointment was seeing Jessica DeBen from Survivor: Fiji being voted off first. I really liked her style. She’s attractive, she seemed to have a good sense of herself. Then again, maybe it was better for her that she was voted off. Maybe she was too normal.

EW: Do you ever want to exercise any sort of veto power over self-appointed nicknames? For example, I have to imagine you felt a tad awkward having to say, “Papa Bear, the tribe has spoken.”

JP: Dalton, you’re a funny dude and pretty aware. I think Papa Bear was the toughest of all the nicknames we’ve had on the show. Something about it just felt slightly wrong, or like I was saying something that was not quite appropriate for Survivor. Ask me this question at the end of next season, you may get a different answer.

EW: Don’t you dare go anywhere until you tease us up good for next week! 

JP: We revisit a classic challenge and at least one Survivor has a chance to break a record set years ago by Rupert “America’s Choice” Boneham.

For more from the host on last night’s episode, check out Jeff’s Tout page. To read Dalton’s recap, click right here. To watch the contestants describing their most embarrassing moments ever, as well as an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, simply watch the video player below. And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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