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September 30, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s about that time again.

And I’m particularly excited going into this weekend because I’m days away from making my maiden voyage to Canada. (No, not to track the history of Robin Sparkles.) That’s right, my little maple leaves, I’m headed north to visit the sets of Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz, Supernatural, and The Secret Circle. Exciting, right? So send me your questions for the stars of those shows ASAP!

And remember to be sending me your questions (via e-mail or Twitter!) on shows new and returning, reactions to buzzy episodes of your favorite shows, and your general ponderings! (Y’all had a great batch of questions this week!) Until next week!


It’s no secret I’ve been mildly obsessed with How I Met Your Mother lately. And judging by the caliber and depth of your questions, I’m not alone! So while chatting with creator Carter Bays about last week’s episode, I threw in a few of your questions as well! The fruits of your labors are below!

When watching the first two episodes of HIMYM, I noticed something in one of Ted’s flash forwards. In one scene, Marshall is standing at a table, gambling, with Barney by his side. In that scene, Marshall is wearing a t-shirt that says, “Marshall and Steph 4 Ever.” I hit rewind multiple times just to be sure. (Thank you DVR). What does this mean? Are Marshall and Lilly going to have a girl? TessK

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion, but the conclusion you can jump to: The gang is in Atlantic City! “There is a fantastic story that I’ll just say is drawn from one of our writer’s lives around that T-shirt and we will explain the t-shirt later in the season,” Bays teases. “They’re in Atlantic City, and if you notice, [there’s a moment that] goes by really fast and they’re actually playing the game that Barney played in the Atlantic City episode from season 2, I believe. We packed a lot of hidden imagery into that — well, not hidden imagery — but we planned out that stage tableau very carefully. At the end of the season you’ll go back and see it and it will all make sense.”

What I REALLY want to know now is: the night that Ted nearly slept with Robin while waiting for Victoria to call — what WAS she wanting to talk about that night? I don’t think we ever got an answer to that. I bring it up now because it makes me wonder if she was calling to break up with Ted so she could see Klaus. — Remy

“That might have been it,” says Bays. “Just by virtue of it only being a 22 minute story, there’s a lot of stuff that we wrote and weren’t able to include.” In sum: Could be! We may never know. On second thought…

Is this the last we’re going to see of Victoria? — Abby

“I think we could say fairly conclusively that I’m hoping we have not seen the last of Victoria,” says Bays. “I hope there’s more to the story. We have some stuff in mind possibly, we’re still sort of figuring it out.” All together now: WOOHOO!


I’ve been accused of over-hyping things in the past, and at the risk of doing it again, I will say that after watching next week’s episode (and loving last week’s), I feel like Glee has found its way again! What I liked most about “Asian F” was that it packed a subtle emotional punch — it didn’t go for the overly dramatic. The episode took a simple concept (stress and high expectations) and paired it with a lovely human story that gives us new perspective on the kids — namely Mike Chang (who might become your new favorite male Gleek by the end of the hour!) and Mercedes. Elsewhere in the ep, Wemma fans will have plenty to chew on when we meet Emma’s parents and delve deep into her backstory, complete with a little info on the origins of her OCD. (Plus, we learn a dirty secret about Schue!) I loved this one, Gleeks, and I think you might, too. (Not enough? Click here to read Tim Stack’s take on the ep!)

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