Lanford Beard
September 30, 2011 AT 06:58 PM EDT

Usually alcohol brings on a hangover, but at one Utah theater, it was the other way around. Salt Lake City’s Brewvies theater was fined $1,600 for serving the hard stuff during a screening of The Hangover Part II, reports the Associated Press. But it wasn’t the alcohol alone that got the theater into hot water, it was the explicit nudity portrayed on screen. Utah’s liquor board determined that the theater would be subject to the same rules as a strip club — meaning, it couldn’t serve alcohol during any fully nude dancing — since the film featured scenes of female, male, and transvestite nudity, as well as a monkey simulating a sex act. If Brewvies violates state law again, the theater could be subject to a $25,000 fine and a 10-day liquor license suspension.

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