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Sandra Gonzalez
September 30, 2011 AT 10:50 PM EDT

When we last saw Owen (Devon Sawa) on Nikita, he was armed with enough of his Division-supplied pill regimen to stave off the effects of withdrawal for a while. When he crosses paths with Nikita and Michael tonight, however, he’s coming toward to the tail end of his supply — but instead of seeking more, he’s looking to get clearn.

“Before he turns into what Michael calls ‘the Tasmanian devil’ again, he’s gotta find a way to wean himself off of it,” Sawa tells EW. “He’s got a little bit of work ahead of him….We’re basically looking for the same doctor for a certain reason, and we go to where he used to work. We’re all looking for the same thing and we end up in the same place at the same time for another action packed episode.”

Sawa, who most know from his days as a teen star, recurred on season 1 of the show and says it’s always fun to come back and revisit the sometimes physically taxing role — even if it means returning to Los Angeles from the show’s Toronto set a little worse for wear.  “I literally get back on the plane and everything hurts. The whole time I’m thinking how the hell Maggie does it. She in heels and designer dresses! It blows my mind,” he says with a laugh.

After tonight’s episode, with, he says, contains a “jaw-dropping” twist, fans can look forward to more Owen soon. He’ll return to set in one month to film two more episode, he said.”[After tonight] he’s got his own thing. He’s got his own mission. You don’t see it coming,” he says. “It opens a whole new world for Owen.”

Nikita airs tonight on the CW

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