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Tanner Stransky
September 30, 2011 AT 07:12 AM EDT

Well, wasn’t that a rather deceptive way to open the new season of Private Practice? All summer, we fans have been wondering what, exactly, was going to happen to Pete — who suffered a heart attack in the last few seconds of May’s season finale — when the show revved back up this fall. So, naturally, Practice didn’t make us wait long and opened just minutes after the aforementioned medical emergency: Pete was still laboring on the floor, post attack. Stressful!

Not too much later, Sam was called into the hospital to help out Charlotte with a patient. They were pumping a chest, doing all they could, Sam was distraught, until Charlotte told him that they had to call it. The death, that is. Time: 10:17. Only — and as the whole thing was playing out, it became pretty clear what was going to happen — Pete wasn’t the dead body on the table. It wasn’t until the camera finally panned to the guy — a total unknown, who, frankly, we don’t care about — that we saw the patient’s true identity. I said it already, but: deception!

You had to know, I suppose, that killing Pete wouldn’t be that easy. And, blessedly, he didn’t even die, thanks to a little help from Cooper, who stopped by his house after he didn’t show up for his shift at the hospital and gave him CPR. No, at the end of the episode, a groggy and euphoric Pete was sitting up, telling his apologetic and grateful wife Violet — who he’d had quite the row with just before his heart attack — how beautiful she was. “I’m okay,” he managed to get out. “You’re okay, and Lucas is okay, and that’s all that matters, right?”

But that wasn’t the only drama — or shock — in the season premiere: First and foremost, Addison again ran into the guy she almost flew off to Fiji with — this time, at the fertility clinic, where she was to begin the process of being artificially inseminated. (Note: Not with her again-boyfriend Sam’s sperm.) And things played out pretty messily from there: “Trust me,” Jake said, after some initial awkwardness from Addison, who all but demanded a new fertility doctor, “I’m gonna give you a baby.” My my, you can interpret that in so many ways, can’t you? I see a love triangle of sorts developing. These two clearly have chemistry.

The Amelia storyline also clunked along, with the drunk doctor falling off a bar, stitching herself up, and still managing to help Pete out in the operating room. Charlotte, though, wasn’t putting up with it, and reminded her later in the episode that she was still suspended from work. Charlotte told her straight up: “You’re not welcome, Amelia.” That applies, in my opinion, on so many levels.

But what’s your opinion, Private Practice watchers? Are you happy with the way things played out for Pete? Are you rooting for Addison and Sam — or Addison and Jake? Are you, like me, so done with Amelia? And how much is Amy Brenneman looking like Sheryl Crow these days? Discuss in the comments section below!

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