Ken Tucker
October 03, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On the premiere edition of OutFront with new CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Donald Trump said the found-innocent Amanda Knox can “maybe become a big star and build some dividends from this … absolutely outrageous” murder trial. Speaking by phone to Burnett, Trump said he was friends with Knox’s father and sympathized with Knox’s family. Is there no pop culture event to which Donald Trump does not have a connection? Is he thinking of booking Hank Williams, Jr., on the next Celebrity Apprentice, perhaps?

Burnett’s debut outing on Monday was certainly a diverse affair. In addition to scoring that Trump-on-Knox coup, she offered an interview with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and introduced a segment called “Seriously?!” In it, Burnett sought to make the Occupy Wall Street protestors look like clueless doofuses. Click here to see her report:

Occupy Wall Street: Seriously?!

I don’t know; chiding the protesters for having “banjos, bongos, catered lunch [and] designer yoga clothing” seems a little petty. But it’s only OutFront‘s first day; let’s see how things shake down on the seriously/not-seriously front.

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