Mandi Bierly
October 03, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

I once referred to a Will and Alicia moment in season 1 of The Good Wife as “one of the sexiest scenes between two non-touching people wearing suits ever.” SPOILER ALERT: Will’s American Revolution fantasy in last night’s episode has now taken over that spot. Watch that scene again below. (You’re welcome.)

Will’s directness as he and Alicia pretended to be trading files instead of come-ons (“I want to take you now”) was scintillating enough that you didn’t even mind that their tryst had to be continued later offscreen. (Had they ended up in his bathroom, it probably would’ve looked a lot like the steamy rendezvous at his place in the season 3 premiere, which I’ve embedded below as well because I’m an enabler.)

That’s what’s so great about a show with adult characters — the dialogue itself can be a turn-on. But as viewers of this show, we’re smart enough to know that Will and Alicia are in a bubble now, and creators Robert and Michelle King, who love realism as much as we love their ability to outsmart CBS censors, won’t let them stay there long. There will be consequences. Now that Alicia’s kids finally seem to be on-board with mom moving on, it’s her professional life that Peter will complicate as the State’s Attorney. If Peter takes his anger out on the firm, Diane will want to let her go. Will had no choice but to agree since he’s trying to keep his relationship with Alicia a secret from Diane, but also because Alicia isn’t the only employee he needs to consider, and Lockhart Gardner has been his life up until now.

The question is, how soon will reality hit? With Lisa Edelstein starting her guest arc as Will’s ex in the next episode, will he realize that no woman compares to Alicia, or take the easy way out and decide that Alicia isn’t worth all the stress? I’m hoping Edelstein’s character gives him something to think about — over multiple episodes. Before Will and Alicia decide to cool it, I at least want to see Alicia get a little jealous, pick a fight (in a dignified manner, of course), and have Will grab her for hot makeup sex that we only see from the waist up.

What do you think? Can they maintain their relationship long-term, like through November Sweeps, or February Sweeps, or May Sweeps? Or will Peter’s (and Cary’s) vendetta put a temporary end to the romance? Don’t you just love how we thought Childs was the devil, but it’s Peter who can hurt them with his and Cary’s knowledge of how Alicia and her colleagues work? And yet, Peter respected Alicia enough not to lie to Zach and blame her for the demise of their marriage take two when he had the chance. Maybe it’s not Alicia that Peter has it out for, perhaps it’s Will…

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