Nuzhat Naoreen
October 03, 2011 AT 09:01 PM EDT

Last season on Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) left the Parks Department to join John-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) at Entertainment 720, a company that… well, we’re still not sure what they do (but you can watch this to try and figure it out). Initially, we were a little worried that Tom’s new pursuits would mean we wouldn’t see him around as much, but those concerns were quickly laid to rest this season. Just last week, we got to visit Tom and Ralph’s office, and trust us when we say it did not disappoint. Besides the models and professional basketball players who are paid to just hang around, their office also features a printing machine that they use to publish their own money (with their faces on it!) and a stock of iPads that they handout at will. And if that wasn’t enough, now they’ve got a website to go along with it.

“Entertainment 720 is your one-stop-shop for public relations, marketing, or anything having to do with reaching out to people, communicating effectively, and other desirable abilities,” boasts the new site. To make sure you don’t miss all the goodness, we’ve broken down the top five highlights below.

Top 5 Highlights

1. Bikini Top Swag: Though the company logo managed to make it on all kinds of stuff, the standout is definitely a bikini top with a graphic of Tom and John-Ralphio’s face. What? No matching bottoms?

2. Investor Information: They may be accelerating toward bankruptcy, but that’s not stopping the E720 team from dreaming big. The company projects to be making $48 billion by its fourth year, assuming of course, that the acquisition of Viacom works out.

3. What We Do: This section provides a description of the company — but picture-book style. Our favorite has got to be the stock photo of a handshake with the caption, “Public Relations.”

4. Lil Sebastian DVD: In honor of the horse that could, the guys have put together selects from Lil Sebastian’s finest moments, including “Lil Sebastian celebrates the 4th of July” and “Lil Sebastian and the fireman.” Order your copy before they sell out.

5. The Office Space: In case you missed the last episode, check out pictures of retired German NBA player Detlef Schrempf hanging at the E720 offices.

What do you think of the new site? Share your highlights below.

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