Abby West
October 04, 2011 AT 11:00 PM EDT

Tonight’s “Asian F” episode is full of revelations, as we come to see Mercedes and Mike Chang in a new light. We also get to meet Mike’s parents as well as Emma’s, and let’s just say that so much becomes clear.

The auditions for the school play heat up as both Mercedes and Rachel go after the lead. Mercedes’ new man is instrumental in what ends up being a really strong episode for her, while Mike’s need to confront his family’s academic pressure and where it fits in with what he wants to do makes this a standout episode for the guy who was once “the other Asian.” Meanwhile, Emma’s parents share their own unique viewpoint and we get a glimpse into at least some of the roots of her issues.

Talk about the episode below, then come back later tonight for Tim Stack’s interview with Amber Riley about Mercedes’ story arc, and tomorrow morning for my full Glee ”Asian F” recap!

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