Annie Barrett
October 04, 2011 AT 07:31 PM EDT

This blonde woman, apparently! And many more….

EW has obtained an exclusive clip of tomorrow’s episode of H8R (8 p.m. ET on The CW), in which Maks serves food to a woman who already hates him. “Women like tongue,” he urges her as she glares at him in disgust. “You’ve never had tongue in your mouth?”

I feel like he should have just gone with the house specialty — “Sex on a Stick” — instead. It was probably too difficult, despite all those years of ballroom training, to fit himself on a platter. Watch it here:

He’d almost won her over! But then he had to go slap a waitress on the ass. As a joke!

Do you love Maks more/less or hate him more/less after this clip? That’s a mouthful. Of TONGUE.

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