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Darren Franich
October 04, 2011 AT 10:10 PM EDT

There’s a Mr. Ed movie likely coming to a theater near you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fox 2000 — which is still swimming in Alvin and the Chipmunks money — has acquired feature film rights to the beloved-when-not-watched-in-decades TV show about a talking horse, according to Variety. Let’s try to minimize the damage to our frontal lobes by asking the important question: Who should voice Mr. Ed? Below, a few of our humble suggestions — write your own in the comment boards!

Zach Galifianakis: Think Bill Murray doing Garfield. All great comedians deserve a nice paycheck every now and then, and letting Galifianakis do his free-association-riffing thing could be pretty darned funny. (Three words: Horse. Playing. Piano.)

Werner Herzog: The game-for-anything auteur is already signed on to play the villain in a new Tom Cruise movie. He has also voiced a plastic bag and a character on The Simpsons. And given his natural fascination with all things nature, surely he would find something amusingly profane about voicing a horse who knows more about human affairs than humanity.

Justin Bieber: Mr. Ed sings!

Lea Michele: Mr. Ed sings, and also now he’s Ms. Ed!

JB Smoove: This would be if they decide to take Mr. Ed: The Movie in a slightly more R-rated direction. Smoove has spent a few seasons on Curb Your Enthusiasm giving incredibly NSFW advice to Larry David. Just replace “Larry” with “Wilbur,” and you’ve got a typical episode of Mr. Ed.

PopWatchers, who would you like to hear as the voice of Mr. Ed when your kids drag you to see this movie in a couple years?

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