Jeff Labrecque
October 05, 2011 AT 03:47 PM EDT

The last time Sean Young visited David Letterman, she was promoting 1993’s forgettable spoof, Fatal Instinct. So what has she been doing for the last 18 years? “Nothing,” Young said last night. That’s hardly true; her resume is full of credits since then, including recent stints on Skating With the Stars and Celebrity Rehab. But Young’s career as a leading lady went kaput after… well, after that weird Catwoman thing. Now 51, Young seized last night as an opportunity to tell Hollywood’s “big boys” that she’s ready to work again. Forget about that reputation that she’s difficult or even crazy. She can laugh at herself now! Sort of. Watch below:

I don’t mean to be catty, but that entire sofa banter was a little awkward. First off, never say Dave isn’t a charitable guy. But it’s as if Young’s handlers told her that she just needed to demonstrate she has a sense of humor and that she’s easy-going and that she’s ready to work again, and her way of doing that was literally saying, “I need the folks to know that I have a sense of humor and that I’m easy-going. And that I’m ready.” Acting can be hard.

Is Sean Young now a sympathetic figure? What primetime show should immediately write her into an arc?

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