October 06, 2011 at 04:24 PM EDT

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If you suffer from Daily Show Emmy fatigue, watch Jon Stewart’s nine-minute takedown of Occupy Wall Street critics on last night’s show, and you’ll remember that just because the show’s annual win is predictable doesn’t mean that it’s not deserved.

I particularly enjoy his 21 Jump Street reference, his channeling of Seth Green’s character from Can’t Hardly Wait, the Sean Hannity fakeout, “They probably don’t even masturbate to the Constitution” (Stewart’s a better actor than he gives himself credit for), his translation of Ann Coulter comparing the protesters’ message “with only slight modification” to Nazis’, and his response to politicians and pundits who criticize protesters for not offering solutions (“Now I see why you’re mad at them for being muddled and incoherent, that’s your f—in’ job”).

And since you may want to watch that Hugh Jackman interview that Stewart teases at the start of the clip, here’s that, too.

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