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'Fireflies in the Garden' clip: Hayden Panettiere knows her baseball

Though he’ll eventually grow up to resemble a certain Sexiest Man Alive, young Michael Taylor (Cayden Boyd) is still a timid, bespectacled kid in this scene from Fireflies in the Garden, the Julia Roberts/Ryan Reynolds drama (out Oct. 14) about a novelist poised to publish his seemingly perfect family’s dirty laundry. Reynolds is the grown-up writer, who still has unresolved issues with his domineering father (Willem Dafoe), and Roberts plays his gentle mother. In this flashback scene, Michael bonds with his young Aunt Jane (Hayden Panettiere) over sports cards, specifically a certain dreamy Chicago Cubs second basemen. Take a look.

It’s a sweet scene – and probably the latest in October that the cursed Cubs have been mentioned in 60 years!

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