EW Staff
October 07, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Katy Perry, ”The One That Got Away”
Perry’s Teenage Dream isn’t over yet: Her sixth album single is a power-ballad reverie of coulda-been romance — sweet, slick, and, like most dreams, forgotten in an instant. B-Adam Markovitz

Susan Boyle, ”Enjoy the Silence”
SuBo continues her sonic tour of rock-god Gomorrah (see: the 2010 cover of Lou Reed’s ”Perfect Day”). Surprisingly, her take on Depeche Mode’s angsty classic mostly works; it’s dreamy Depeche Mild. BLeah Greenblatt

B.o.B Feat. Lil Wayne, ”Strange Clouds”
Crossover hip-popper B.o.B makes a bid for lyrical legitimacy, going toe-to-toe with Wayne (call it the Reverse Ice Cube). The Top 40 froth works for him, the drony bragging less so. C+Kyle Anderson

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