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Dave Karger
October 09, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Any child of the ’80s will be happy to know that the cast of 227 is as entertaining in person as they were on NBC from 1985 to 1990. For our annual EW Reunions issue (on newsstands now), we gathered Marla Gibbs, Jackée Harry, Regina King, and Hal Williams in downtown Los Angeles for a chat about what made their Washington, D.C.-set sitcom so memorable. Here are the episodes the cast loves the most.

Marla Gibbs I always liked the one where Calvin [Curtis Baldwin] thought Brenda [Regina King] was interested in him. And he said, “I like you.” And she said, “And I like you!”

Jackée Harry She put on her makeup and came home fresh. And Marla was like, “Don’t get too fresh!” That was fun.

Regina King The relationship between Brenda and her father, that’s really special. You don’t see relationships between fathers and daughters on TV, ever. That was special for young ladies; I know it was for me.

Hal Williams We have this wonderful scene where she’s sitting on my lap and she’s talking about how she was wanted to be like this model, Janine. And she’s crying. And I say, “You are who you are. You’re more beautiful than Janine.” That was great. The other one is when Marla was on a jury and she gets sequestered in a hotel on our anniversary. And I dress up like a woman to get in and see her.

What moments do you remember from 227? Other than Harry saying “Mary,” of course.

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