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'Dancing With the Stars': Week 4 is liiiiiiiiiiiiive!


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Update: Annie’s recap is live. Do you beliiiiiiiieeeeeeeve in life on Planet Mirrorballus? Cher does! Cher is there. CHER. Is THERE. Cher is somewhere in the ballroom! She will obviously fit right in. (And she will obviously have a camera on her the whole time.)

Welcome to week 4 of Dancing With the Stars season 13! Go ahead and discuss the two-hour performance show here, or try out a more “live blog” atmosphere over at EW.com’s Viewer.

Remember to nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week in this post as usual, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning for my full recap!

In the meantime, ask me anything about THE BALLROOM (or whatever) in the video player below and I may answer your question later on!

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