Sandra Gonzalez
October 11, 2011 AT 04:34 PM EDT

The Gossip Girl writers knew exactly what they were doing last night when they closed their episode with a scene in which a heartbroken Chuck Bass cried with an adorable dog next to him. They wanted us to feel bad for him — and possibly cry along with him. Well, mission accomplished.

Admittedly, I had mixed feelings about Chuck at the end of last season. He was spinning out of control and was rapidly losing every ounce of charm he once had. But in last night’s episode, Dan’s Operation Make Chuck Feel was kicked into high-gear with the introduction of Monkey, a straggly old dog who makes up for what he lacks in reproductive organs with puppy love. Precious. And despite Chuck’s original reaction to the pooch (disgust!) it’s clear Monkey has grown on him. Dan Humphrey, you’re a secret genius.

And I was glad someone was there for Chuck after Blair — who spent much of the episode unable to face the truth of her paternity test — broke the news about the baby and his lack of contribution to its conception. I won’t get into whether she was telling the truth or not because that’s a mystery that was designed to drive us crazy over the next few weeks, I’m sure. But as it remains, Chuck is heartbroken — and so was I. Not for the lack of baby Bass, but more for the fact that Chuck’s trying to keep his head above the water… and the tide is rising.

What about you, PopWatchers? Was I the only one whose heart was bleeding for Chuck? And do you hope better days are ahead? Also, how cute was Monkey!?

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