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Mandi Bierly
October 11, 2011 AT 05:07 PM EDT

Fans of FX’s Justified have been wondering since May’s second season finale how producers would match Margo Martindale’s Emmy-winning performance as Mags Bennett. Well, now we know: Desperate Housewives‘ Neal McDonough and 24‘s Mykelti Williamson, who both starred on Justified EP Graham Yost’s brilliant-but-canceled NBC drama Boomtown, have been cast as the awesomely named big bads of season 3. McDonough will recur as Quarles, a Detroit mobster in a sharp suit who comes to Kentucky with visions of becoming a crimelord. Williamson will play Limehouse, a man who lives in a small black town in Harlan County and who will do whatever it takes, legal or otherwise, to protect his holler.

We’ll meet both characters early in season 3, which premieres in January. The show — which also earned Emmy nominations for stars Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins and guest actor Jeremy Davies, who’ll return — began production on the first of 13 new episodes Monday.

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