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Erin Strecker
October 13, 2011 AT 08:39 PM EDT

Calling Mr. Stinson: Today, Oct. 13, 2011, is International Suit Up Day.

How are folks celebrating? Why, with a website and a Facebook page full of people uploading their best Suited Up shots. So break out your tie (no duckies allowed!) and head down to your version of MacLaren’s Pub and see just how many high fives and bro code rules you can knock out. Maybe throw in some laser tag and make a night of it. Bonus points if you convince your gang to karaoke to Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit.

The site has plenty of ideas for how to celebrate: Party in a suit, drink in a suit, or, my favorite, watch some more How I Met Your Mother. Need some more inspiration? Check out our gallery of Sharp-Dressed Men for even more hotties with smartly dressed bodies. You’ll be in good company.

After all, we enjoy seeing more folks in a jacket and tie than everyone’s favorite womanizer. Super-sexy Jon Hamm as Don Draper totally nails the formal look of the era. And who wouldn’t let Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman do bad things to you while wearing a suit (or otherwise)?

Really can’t get enough? View this legen — wait for it — dary video compilation of Barney begging the gang to Suit Up, below.

PopWatchers: What are you waiting for? Are you participating in Suit Up Day? What other TV events should become real holidays? (I’m looking at you, Festivus!)

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