Deana Newcomb
Shaunna Murphy
October 13, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last season on Parks and Recreation, a deranged Twilight super-fan handcuffed himself to a pipe in Leslie Knope’s office until she agreed to include the books in the Pawnee town time capsule. Was his behavior excessive? Possibly. Either way, Twilight fans have more than earned their ferverous reputation over the years. They’ve even been popularly rechristened with an all-encompassing moniker: the Twi-hard.

Well, now the mighty mighty Twi-hard have a designated place of their own to share their fond vampiric memories. Summit Entertainment has launched the “Twilight Time Capsule,” an interactive site where fans can upload photos, videos, and comments about their personal experiences with the series. “The Twilight Time Capsule is a new, official community where fans can commemorate and share content with each other, and relive any moment in the Twilight Saga film history,” Summit said in a release.

Did you camp out for days at last year’s Comic-Con? Awesome! Now you can post a video of your shower-less self and share it with thousands (Or millions! Or trillions!) of like-minded others. Have you ever introduced some “Team Jacob” schmo to your mean right hook? Great. Show us that mugshot, liar.

Summit has made the site pretty easy to navigate, even for those who may lack technical prowess. “Anyone can participate by recording a webcam or by uploading directly from a computer through any one of the top social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Photobucket, Flickr & Instagram,” Summit added. So that’s, like, seven different ways you can participate. Why are you still here? Go share some memories, Twi-Hards!

Well, what do you think, PopWatchers? Are you being judgmental, or have you realized yet that this is isn’t very different from the Hunger Games and Harry Potter interactive sites popping up? And if you upload anything crazy, please, for the love of Cullen, share it in the comments.

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