Darren Franich
October 18, 2011 AT 03:23 PM EDT

I grew up in a Tintin-loving household, so I can’t help but be excited for the upcoming Adventures of Tintin film. However, it occurs to me that there is a sizable slice of the American moviegoing public that has never heard of the series. And those people were probably a bit confused by the first preview. So it’s probably no accident that the new trailer is much heavier on action, action, action! Actually, the trailer makes Tintin look a little bit like an Indiana Jones movie — but in a good, odd-numbered-Indiana-Jones way. There’s even a scene where Tintin and his soused sidekick Captain Haddock are riding in an old-timey motorcycle with a sidecar! Then Haddock tries to fire some weaponry at the bad guys, but fires in the wrong direction. (“Son, I’m sorry…they got us.”) Watch below:

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