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Aly Semigran
October 19, 2011 AT 04:07 PM EDT

Alec Baldwin may not be running for mayor of New York City (yet), but he proved to be a true man of the people to those involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Last night, the 30 Rock star visited Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan, home of OWS, to show his support.

Baldwin tweeted late Tuesday night (after 6 p.m., and presumably not in a tux), “On my way to OWS” and later informed followers that he spent “a too brief two hours” at the site and gave a shout-out to “Aaron from Brooklyn and Sean from Winnipeg” for his “OWS tutorial.” (No word on exactly what Baldwin, Aaron and Sean talked about, but we can’t imagine he recited too many 30 Rock lines. Especially not this one: “Next stop, home ownership! I’m just kidding. The middle class is dying. You’ll be renting forever.”) Watch him talk about the role of Federal Reserve below:

While the International OWS Twitter welcomed Baldwin (they posted, “Welcome to the #PeoplesLibrary, Alec Baldwin. #Ows” and later put up a photo of his visit) and celebrity involvement has been mostly embraced by those participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement (in addition to Baldwin, fellow politically-active celebs such as Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Mark Ruffalo have all made appearances, and soon enough, so could Batman) it seems the actor received some criticism on the web regarding his siding with “the 99%” due to his high-profile status in Hollywood. This prompted the actor to post, “Some website wrote that I’m worth $65 mill, so have no cred at OWS. Man… to me. Didn’t know I had $65 mill” and also informed followers, “I donated all of my fee from Capital One 2 arts charities.” Baldwin fielded other questions and concerns, in person at Zuccotti Park, exchanges that were caught on camera. Watch:

What do you think of Alec Baldwin showing his support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, PopWatchers? Did he pull a Reaganing? What would Jack Donaghy have to say about all this? Share in the comments section below.

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