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Sandra Gonzalez
October 19, 2011 AT 07:41 PM EDT

In just a few episodes, Revenge has quickly become the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of social deaths, with more casualties piling up every week. But tonight, things will take a darker twist. SPOILER AHEAD!

Colleen Hayes/ABC

Exec producer Mike Kelley tells EW tonight’s episode, which is among his favorites, will edge away “from the takedown of the week and [focus] on the drama that’s bubbling up with our main players.” One way to do that? A casualty!

“It all begins [tonight] with a bang, shall I say,” Kelley explains. “We have a first casualty in episode 5 — not counting [Jack and Declan’s dad] — and that’s very exciting. There’s something that happens amongst our core cast that’s going to be very surprising and dramatic,” he says.

One person who’s probably safe, though? Sam, Emily/Amanda’s age-defying yellow Labrador, which she received as a birthday gift from her father about 17 years ago (by our count) and is now in the care of Jack. “We get a lot of flack for how old that dog is but, you know what, as far as I’m concerned, he can stick around for the whole run,” Kelley says with a laugh. But the fact remains, while Sam is certainly an anomaly, his existence is not impossible. “It’s possible,” he says. “I have a couple of animals in my life that have lived late into their teens, so I figured we can fudge it just a little. This is a dog that’s got a very good dad that takes care of him on the dock. He feeds him salmon. It’s a little bit of a logic leap, but it’s not impossible and as long as its not impossible, it’s on Revenge.

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