Darren Franich
October 19, 2011 AT 03:14 PM EDT

One of the more intriguing throwaway gestures in 2009’s reasonably entertaining Sherlock Holmes was the film’s portrayal of the iconic Baker Street Detective as a kind of OCD superhero, gifted with extreme powers of perception that made him incapable of enjoying even the most basic social encounter. This notion was quickly tossed out the window in favor of slow-mo shirtless boxing and period-appropriate explosions, but the upcoming sequel looks like it may deepen this aspect of Holmes’ personality. “What do you see?” asks franchise newbie Noomi Rapace. “Everything,” says Downey’s detective, “That is my curse.” The new preview also features an extended look at the cannonfire-in-the-forest scene, a brief glance at the returning Rachel McAdams, and the line “We shall prevent the collapse of Western civilization.” Hey, maybe it’ll fool kids into reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. Watch the trailer:

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