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'The Lion King' roars mightily on Blu-ray, despite still playing in theaters

Lion King

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Disney’s The Lion King may still be playing in almost 2,000 theaters across the country as part of a 3-D re-release that has pulled in $91.1 million so far, but that didn’t stop it from claiming the throne atop the Blu-ray sales chart.

According to The-Numbers, The Lion King sold a gigantic 1.57 million Blu-ray discs during its first week on the home market, earning over $46 million in the process. That puts the classic animation way ahead of Universal’s blockbuster Fast Five, which raced into second place with a terrific debut of 1.13 million Blu-ray copies and $23.1 million in revenue. (Fast Five also sold 851,488 traditional DVDs, good for an additional $13.9 million.)

And as if The Lion King hadn’t already earned enough money, The Lion King Trilogy box set moved 44,000 copies and grossed $3.3 million more. Seventeen years after its original release, this King is living up to his name.

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