Melissa Maerz
October 21, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT


Tessa from Suburgatory

Played by Jane Levy

Why she’s sad She’s a New York City girl trapped in the boring suburbs.

Carrie from Unforgettable

Played by Poppy Montgomery

Why she’s sad She’s haunted by her sister’s death.

Anna from A Gifted Man

Played by Jennifer Ehle

Why she’s sad She’s divorced from a cute doctor. Also: She’s dead.


Moira from American Horror Story

Played by Frances Conroy (old Moira) and Alexandra Breckenridge (young Moira)

Why she’s sad She’s stuck cleaning up bloodstains in the House of Evil. Also: She’s dead.

Sergeant Brody from Homeland

Played by Damian Lewis

Why he’s sad He was tortured by al-Qaeda for eight years; now he’s tortured by Claire Danes.

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