Stephan Lee
October 22, 2011 AT 02:45 PM EDT

Have you ever been forced to pretend that a kid’s bad art is a masterpiece? Super-manly blogger and “art” critic Maddox, lord of The Best Page in the Universe, has put together a compendium of children’s scribbles and his hilariously harsh critiques. The grades he gives these budding artists range from the shameful F– to the highest honor, F+ (although he hands A+’s to his own work, naturally). Maddox’s snarky takedowns of crayon drawings have been popular online for many years, but it’s even more hilarious to see them bound in a glossy, visually stimulating, occasionally eye-vomit-inducing coffee table book. I Am Better Than Your Kids is available in stores Nov. 1, but Maddox has shared a few pages and his comments for us to enjoy early. (Also, before anyone takes things too seriously, no children were scarred for life during the making of this book. Many of the featured child artists are now adults who fully realize they used to have no skills).


Starting from the top:

Damon, age 7: “When I was a kid, I used to draw myself as a superhero with special powers and compare it to my friends’ drawings. It’s fun until some s—head inevitably chooses “all powers” for his special ability and ruins the game, Damon.”

Cole, age 7: “When Peter Parker created his alter-ego to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, I doubt ‘spread eagled with a constipated expression’ is what he had in mind.”

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