Lynette Rice
October 25, 2011 AT 04:43 PM EDT

An FX showrunner has jumped into the imbroglio between DirecTV and the Fox Networks, which have yet to strike a new carriage deal so viewers can continue watching nets like FX, National Geographic and the Fox Movie Channel. Sons of Anarchy executive producer Kurt Sutter announced on his website that he shot a PSA for FX that will air before tonight’s episode that warns viewers about a possible blackout should the two sides fail to hammer out a new deal.

It’s unclear how much of what Sutter said will air before tonight’s broadcast, but this is what the normally outspoken writer-producer claims he wanted to say to fans: “Starting Nov. 1, DirecTV is pulling FX from your box. That means you’ll miss the last five episodes of Sons this season. Perhaps five of the most critical episodes of the series. I know Fox has a horse in this race, but they’re trying to negotiate in good faith. DirecTV is shutting down all conversation and using their customers as leverage. In the process, you’re getting f–ked over. They’re running ads with their corporate shill telling you how much `they care about your business;’ that dude’s got one sincere hand on his heart while the other greases your unsuspecting backside.” The message continues with more crudity so we’ll just stop there.

Not surprisingly, DirecTV didn’t take too kindly to the latest missive. (An insider notes, by the way, that DirecTV has not run any ads about the stalemate; those are coming from Fox). “Looks like News Corp and Fox are at it again,” according to a corporate spokesperson. “All of these shenanigans are fun to read about, but DirecTV is putting its focus towards getting a deal done that will  keep our customers’ monthly TV bill at an acceptable level.  We’ve been in discussions every day with News Corp and Fox and are perfectly fine paying a reasonable amount for the channels, but asking our customers to absorb a 40% increase in tough economic times is just not fair.”

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