Fred Hayes
Aly Semigran
October 26, 2011 AT 08:20 PM EDT

I know, I know, calling someone or something “hipster” is as vague as the elusive “manic pixie dream girl” herself. No one who is a hipster would ever actually admit to being a hipster (though, for the record, all of these folks qualify), and most hipster things have gone so mainstream (Arcade Fire, for one) they have all but lost their hipster cred.

But the big question here today, PopWatchers: Does a movie like the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with its hipster elements, fall under the same hipster movie umbrella (organically made, of course) as bona fide hipster flicks like Garden State?

I ask this because Like Crazy, the heart breaker of an indie that won over audiences at Sundance earlier this year, gets released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles this weekend. Fight me all you like on this one, but there’s no question this is a hipster flick. The beautiful trailer features Ingrid Michaelson covering “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and, c’mon, look at the beautiful Felicity Jones‘ hair and wardrobe! If these two had a meet cute at an Urban Outfitters over a shared appreciation for kelp, I would not be at all surprised.

That said, of course I am seeing this movie, PopWatchers. How fanboys react to the latest superhero movie is how I feel about movies in which attractive people (but not in that overbearing big budget rom-com way) find themselves in some tricky and complicated relationships set to deliriously good music. I love these kind of movies, well, Like Crazy.

So how will Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin’s heavily-improvised realistic romance fare in the pantheon of on-screen hipster love? My personal vote for best hipster romance goes to the aforementioned Eternal Sunshine, which just so happens to be my all-time favorite movie. Never mind Clementine’s potato collection or Stan’s thick-rimmed glasses, it wasn’t simply the aesthetics that made this film stand out, it’s the devastating and relatable love story at its core.

Of course, there’s some serious competition with equally wonderful, hipster-friendly romances like (500) Days of Summer, Once, Blue Valentine, and Lost in Translation. Heck, one could even argue for Annie Hall. (After all, no one set the standard for hipster fashions quite like Diane Keaton’s iconic character.)

But, which hipster love story made you fall so hard you spent a week with your Cure records for a week after watching? Was it budding Brooklyn romance in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist? Or did you like how Garden State took Zach Braff and Natalie Portman and mixed them together in a bag of crazy for their uber-hipster flick? How about the crossing-all-boundaries love of Lars and the Real Girl? Give us your pick in the comments section below! It’ll change your life.

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