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Aly Semigran
October 27, 2011 AT 06:45 PM EDT

While fans of the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals anxiously awaiting the outcome of Game 6 of the World Series might respectfully disagree, the weather could not have been better last night. For Happy Endings, anyway.

In fact, if you’re one of the devoted Happy Endings fans like me who have relentlessly begged your friends to watch the show, you may be able to take a breather soon. Thanks to the postponed game, Happy Endings got a huge ratings bump, as did the other shows in ABC’s Wednesday night line-up. (While it had a weaker showing than, say, Suburgatory, Happy Endings still pulled in an impressive 8.3 million, 3.5., up from last week’s draw of just 6.9 million, 3.0/)

But here’s why I don’t think this will be a one-off, well-now-I-have-to-watch-something-else-besides-baseball fluke: It was an awesome episode. I’d argue that you couldn’t have picked a better episode for a first-timer to see, or for a casual viewer to be wooed into watching more often. This was a Halloween-themed episode that didn’t have one weak storyline in the bunch and featured fan favorite Max (Adam Pally, where have you been all my life?) sporting hilariously creepy tiny baby hands. (See above.)

Happy Endings is hitting its stride right now thanks to the actors (all six leads are tremendously talented, though Zachary Knighton is arguably the one weak link) and the funny, whip-fast dialogue (the first five episodes of the second season alone have been arguably funnier than the entire first season) and it would be a shame if it went unnoticed. Even worse, if ratings never picked up and the show didn’t get another season.

Simply put, my vision board has more Happy Endings on it, PopWatchers. Is it on yours, too? Do you think the ratings bump from last night will help the show over the next few weeks, or will viewers simply return to their usual Wednesday night line-up? Do you agree that this was the best possible episode to convert TV watchers? Or do you think last week’s equally impressive outing (“Whisker baskets!”) could have done the trick? Share in the comments section below.

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