Adam B. Vary
October 28, 2011 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Last winter, Microsoft and Nokia announced that Windows Phone would be the main operating system for the Finnish phone maker. It was a big swing from both companies to grab a larger slice of the ever-expanding smart phone pie that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have been largely hoarding for themselves. (Windows Phone’s U.S. market share in June? One percent. Yikes!)

Well, this week, Nokia finally gave consumers their first look at its first Windows Phone handhelds: The Lumia 800 and 710. My first impression? Pretty! So, so pretty. 

The 800 is especially tasty eye-candy, with black, cyan, or magenta cases that look like they belong in a candy-colored Pixar movie. The 710’s pearl-white case and exchangeable colored back panels are nothing to sniff at either. Both have cameras (the 800 has 8 megapixels; the 710 has 5), and both have big, fancy-seeming screens. At this point, Nokia is only releasing them in Europe; they don’t have a dedicated American carrier yet, but are likely due stateside next year.

So here’s my question: Are you intrigued? Do looks alone sway you to consider diving into the rather un-iOS-and-Android like landscape that is Windows Phone? Are you waiting until you can get your hands on one yourself? Or are you so dedicated to your iPhone or Android phone that you don’t think anything will sway you? Oh, and for those of you who do use Windows Phone, would you recommend it?

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