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Sandra Gonzalez
October 28, 2011 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Go Rangers!

Just kidding. Last night was actually the most baseball I’ve watched since the last time I watched a repeat of A League of Their Own on TBS, so don’t take that declaration too seriously. I don’t care who wins — either way, we don’t get Fringe tonight. Pfft.

That said, I have some scoop today that will hopefully satisfy your need for one more week — or make the delay even more painful. I can’t decide which is more truthful, but let’s try to see the sunny side of things.

In other news, enjoy spoils and teases from a ton of other shows below! If you don’t see a show you like, send me an e-mail with your request: spoilerroom@ew.com. (I read and appreciate them all!) Twitter also works: @EWSandraG. I also try to comb comments, but I sometimes miss those. To make sure they reach my eyes, use the two previously mentioned methods. Don’t be shy!

See y’all next week!


As great as last night’s Game 6 was, it was hard to ignore the collective sigh among Fringe fans on news that Game 7 would result in a one-week delay of the new Fringe episode. And I’m right there with you — that sucks. Luckily, before I even knew the outcome of the game, I’d planned a healthy serving of dish for you.

So, what would you have seen tonight?

For one, the reunion between Peter and the rest is well worth the wait — especially if you’ve been hoping for some great scenes between Peter and Walter. (The last scene between them is particularly gut-wrenching and features a big decision from Walter.) Meanwhile, Lincoln Lee plays a surprising role in Peter’s re-integration into the action as the team struggles to learn more about the shifters — a subject they are shocked to learn that Peter knows a lot about. Last, we learn of a cool connection between Nina Sharp and one of the other members of the team in the Peter-less universe. It’s only a brief mention, but neat nonetheless.

In sum, lots of heartbreak, lots of intrigue, more questions, some answers, and a heck of an episode. To quote Peter from the ep, “just like old times… sort of.”


Yes, I got a peak at the next two episodes of The Walking Dead, which is on an undeniable roll this season. So, ever the public servant, I asked for your burning questions. (If you missed the call for questions, you’re probably not following me on Twitter. Remedy that.) Here’s the result!

In the next two episodes, will we finally see Andrea transform from mourner to take-charge protector? They keep saying it will happen but they aren’t even letting her keep her own gun. — @Tigereye77a

Valid point. I’ve been waiting, too. Nothing too major changes on this front in the next two, though, except Andrea will take a small step toward the badassdom you and I are waiting for. (Someone finally sits her down and gives her a short lesson!) Ultimately, I think Robert Kirkman was playing coy for a reason when EW’s resident zombie expert, Clark Collis, asked him a week ago if he planned to follow the comic book, which had Andrea eventually becoming a sharpshooter. They’re likely just taking it very slow.

Will there be any significant movement on the Rick-Lori-Shane front in the next two episodes? — Dem

Your question made me smile, Dem, because I think episode 4 is going to blow your mind. I look forward to hearing your reaction to the game-changing development.

Last episode had a MAJOR lack of zombie. Just sayin’. I feel like we didn’t see one until three-fourths of the way through the episode. Please tell me there’s some action in this episode, or I’m going to start getting a little zombie violent over here. — Eric

Um, play nice, friend. But as you’ll recall, in the last scene you saw on Sunday, Shane and Otis (chubby guy/shot Carl) were surrounded by zombies in the high school. And their quest to escape is zombie-rific. I guarantee. But be warned: Their escape is definitely not as straightforward as I just made it sound. Dark twist ahead.

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