Aly Semigran
October 31, 2011 AT 07:10 PM EDT

I must say, I was pretty disappointed in Jim Halpert during last week’s Halloween-themed episode of The Office, PopWatchers. John Krasinski’s Jim is usually so dependable when it comes to inspired, albeit sort of lazy, costumes. But instead of classics like Three Hole Punch Jim and Facebook (or, Bookface, if you will) we were treated — nay, tricked — into him teaming up with Kevin and Daryl to go as the Heat’s not-so-dreamy team. (Insert unamused Jim face here.)

Thankfully, perennial Halloween showstoppers like Heidi Klum and the gang at The Today Show left us with no such crushing disappointment. (Or, in Halloween terms, when someone gives you fruit or pennies instead of candy. WHY?!) Klum said “Auf Wiedersehen!” to her clothes (and, well, her skin for that matter), as she she showed up to TAO Las Vegas over the weekend — on gurney with a white bed sheet, no less — dressed as a corpse. Klum, who always pulls out all the stops for the holiday told People, “This is my 13th Halloween party. This year I wanted to be a dead person.” Robbie Williams, you just got served. Check it out:

Of course, if anyone comes close to one-upping Klum, it’s Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and the rest of their Today crew. While nothing can top their J. Lo and P. Diddy costumes from a few years ago, they all looked rather fetching recreating the Royal Wedding this morning. In case you missed it (with guest appearance from Meredith Vieira), see below!

Although, Nicole Richie (who tweeted a picture of herself, see above, before joining the rest of Hollywood at Kate Hudson’s famed Halloween bash) may have just one-upped them, as she looked like a dead ringer for the American Idol judge as she dressed up as her for the holiday. (Richie gets my personal vote, as I seriously had to do a double-take when I read that it was her, and not actually Lopez.)

Other celebs to get into the Halloween spirit: Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend went as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (though her beau looks more like Ben Affleck with babies in his pocket, no?), Topher Grace paid tribute to Mr. Rogers (aww!), Gwen Stefani channeled Cinderella, Lea Michele stole the Black Swan‘s spotlight (bad move, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry), Holly Robinson Peete dressed as Lil Wayne, Emma Roberts kept the spirit of The Playboy Club alive, and, because somebody had to (…right?) David Spade wisely opted to be the front of The Human Centipede.

Which celebrity do you think had the best Halloween costume, PopWatchers? Share in the comments section below!

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