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Lanford Beard
October 31, 2011 AT 05:08 PM EDT

Now that we’re officially in the post-millennial aughts, all eyes have turned to the ’90s for artistic inspiration, it seems. Between the recent news that Fox is bringing back In Living Color, last week’s well-received return of Beavis and Butt-Head, and TeenNick’s decision to upgrade The ’90s Are All That block to primetime, it’s obvious there’s a huge appetite for ’90s content. In the spirit of Color‘s remake, we wondered: What other ’90s shows should be brought back?

Do you think there’s room in today’s line-up for a retread of classic sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Mad About You? Maybe tweaking a classic family drama like Party of Five is what’s needed? Or do you have some hankering for local color à la Picket Fences and Northern Exposure?  What about a gone-too-soon show that was great but never really got off the ground like My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, or Twin Peaks? Tell us what you think — list your favorite shows in need of a reboot in the comments!

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