Sandra Gonzalez
November 01, 2011 AT 05:45 PM EDT

I make no secret of my love for Castle and Beckett — as individuals and, most of all, together. And while the past three seasons have had more than enough wonderfully ‘shippy moments to last a lifetime, last night’s episode featured a great one that will go down as one of my favorites.

The episode centered around a bank robbery — not usually the kind of case a gang of homicide detectives would get involved in. But this time, Castle and his mother (Susan Sullivan) found themselves smack in the middle of the action as hostages.

Castle, naturally, played hero in the situation and helped gather pieces of the puzzle while in captivity with the rest and communicated them to Beckett, who also acted as hostage negotiator. But things took a dark turn when one person reported seeing explosives in the bags with the robbers. That’s when the situation turned ugly.

Everyone was cuffed and placed in the safe deposit area. Castle, knowing what was coming, attempted to ease his mother with a bit of humor. Then, we returned to Beckett outside in the ESU van as she tried to piece the mystery together, just as the bank blew up.

The next scene ranks up there with the likes of the kiss, the frozen snuggle, and that finale as one of my favorite moments ever. Beckett walked into the smokey bank, with debris flying around, and yelled out for Castle. To her surprise, she heard a reply. The hostages were safe and sound. She ran to Castle and paused before reaching down to cut his restraints. As she did, she reached for the collar of his suit jacket and asked, “How are you?” and gave him a love-filled smile worth a thousand fan videos.

It wasn’t a long moment. Castle’s mom (Curses!) made sure of that by breaking the pair’s longing gaze to remind Beckett she needed her restraints cut as well. But it was still a lovely one. It’s exactly the kind of moment that we needed seven episodes into the new season — it reminds us why these two are meant to be. And it reminds us that it’s worth waiting for. Bravo!

For those of you wondering about the case: The gang of robbers blew themselves up in the explosion, but only because their organizer (a man who had left the hostage situation earlier, posing as a person with medical needs) made sure the C4 exploded early. They eventually nabbed the bastard.

Anyway, what did you think of the moment, Castle fans? (See a clip below!)

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