Foster the People release mind-bending video for 'Call It What You Want': Watch it here! |

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Foster the People release mind-bending video for 'Call It What You Want': Watch it here!

Unlike many of their come-from-nowhere cohorts, Foster the People didn’t get big thanks to a viral-ready music video – their  “Pumped Up Kicks” got to the upper echelon of the Billboard Hot 100 via word of mouth, radio play, and a commitment to playing the heck out of it in concert.

That doesn’t mean the Foster boys can’t put together a great video. In fact, they just pulled back the curtain on the clip for their next single “Call It What You Want,” and it’s an attention-getter.

Directed by Ace Norton (who also lensed the little-seen but still-awesome clip for “Helena Beat”), it features the band in a number of unusual scenarios, including a key sequence that finds a series of women wearing T-shirts that spell out “FOSTER” getting shot in the chest and bleeding blue paint. Does Mark Foster have an obsession with guns or what?

Elsewhere in the video, there’s a flopping goldfish, lots of action in a bathtub, and some giant gold Hulk Hands. It’s all pretty trippy, and occasionally staged like something Stanley Kubrick would have hallucinated as he was falling asleep. (That’s a compliment, by the way.) Check it out below.

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Remember when all videos looked like this? Not explicitly with these images, but there have been periods when it seemed like bands everywhere just wanted a series of cool images to go along with their songs. There’s something to be said for a well-made video that tells a story, but there’s great potential for excellence when narrative is tossed out the window completely.

FtP are currently gearing up for a handful of live dates in Europe, but they’ll be back around in December to make the rounds on the holiday radio festival circuit. That’s a lot of chances for people to steal their pants.

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments!

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