Darren Franich
November 02, 2011 AT 04:55 PM EDT

Sorry, Vice City fans: The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V officially confirms that the next installment of the open-world crime franchise will return to the faux-California setting of GTA: San Andreas. The eye-popping video is basically just a presentation of all the exotic locations you’ll be running amok in, mostly centered around Los Santos, the GTA-verse’s version of L.A. Intriguingly, though, there are also plenty of non-urban locations — including some mountains that look decidedly Lake Tahoe-esque and a crop-dusting plane, so prepare for an awesome North by Northwest homage. The whole thing is set to a voiceover, with a man — the game’s protagonist? — talking about moving out West to live the American Dream, which quickly becomes an American nightmare. (There’s an implication that the guy might be a family man with kids, which would, I think, be a first for the series.) Watch it below:

No release date has been announced. Also not announced: Whether GTA V will see the return of the hilarious “Eating” mechanic. (Witness the glory of Fat CJ!)

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