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'My Week With Marilyn': Michelle Williams likes it hot in new clips

Tackling the role of Marilyn Monroe can be daring high-wire performance art. Not only is she a complex character – recall that HBO’s 1996 biopic featured two actresses (Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino) playing the dueling sides of Norma Jean/Marilyn – but the danger of slipping into caricature is a looming temptation. But in two recently released clips for My Week With Marilyn, which opens Nov. 23, Michelle Williams seems to have a firm handle on both Monroe the Myth and Monroe the Woman.

First, the Myth – the iconic temptress playing a role on stage. In the Moviefone clip, a pouty-lipped Williams slinks through a musical number and lands in the muscled arms of two suitors. In the second clip, she’s just a woman taking a bath – who happens to know that the man who is watching sees only “Marilyn Monroe.” She doesn’t seem above using that to her advantage. Take a peek:

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