James Hibberd
November 03, 2011 AT 04:07 PM EDT

Remember months ago when Jon Cryer teased that one character on Two and a Half Men would be institutionalized this season?

As it turns out, that character is…

Cryer’s own Alan Harper. And he goes looney in a really wild way that brings the ghost of Charlie Sheen’s deceased character back into the show.

You see, Alan hasn’t really dealt with the death of his brother Charlie yet. In Monday’s episode (SPOILER ALERT), Walden (Ashton Kutcher) donates Charlie’s piano to under-privileged kids. At first, Alan seems fine with the decision. But the shock of the piano vanishing from the house triggers Alan’s grief and he completely loses it. In fact, Alan thinks he IS Charlie Harper.

So in the episode, it seems we’re going to get to see Jon Cryer imitating Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Harper. (UPDATE: Video of Cryer playing Harper here).

And what does Alan thinking he’s become his hedonistic brother look like? It looks like this:

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