Kate Ward
November 04, 2011 AT 02:25 PM EDT

You guys, I just can’t get enough. Yesterday, we all learned that typing “do a barrel roll” into Google would make your screen turn 360 degrees. And perhaps it’s because I’m nostalgic for the days of playing Star Fox on N64 in junior high, but I’m typing the phrase in Non. Stop. I am so easy amused and I need Pepto-Bismol. (Also: Way to distract those who hate Gmail change with something so awesome, Google!)

So, as we all sit here making ourselves nauseous, I find myself wondering, is this the greatest pop culture roll? (I also now find myself wondering, is this the dumbest thing I’ve ever wondered? Yes, yes it is.) There’s much competition:

  • Barrel Roll vs. “Roll to Me”: I would give the advantage to the first cassette tape I’ve ever purchased (that certainly trumps the nostalgic connection I have with Star Fox), but, then again, Del Amitri wasted the opportunity to make an awesome music video for their one popular song in the U.S. by filming one that featured them as creepy babies. Can we blame them for Little Man? Winner: Barrel Roll.
  • Barrel Roll vs. “Roll Over Beethoven”: It’s hard to beat the classic Chuck Berry song — widely covered by the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Electric Light Orchestra — but who knows what would have happened if Marty McFly came back from the future to tell Marvin Barry about the Barrel Roll. Winner: “Roll Over Beethoven.”
  • Barrel Roll vs. Rickroll: Two Internet memes battle it out for supremacy. Who comes out on top? The Leo Strut. Always the Leo Strut. But if we have to compare the Barrel Roll and the Rickroll, we have to go with the one you can prank your friends with when they think they’re about to see a sexy photo of Ryan Gosling. Disappointment is always funny, especially disappointment delivered from a three-year-old meme. Now let’s all learn the “Single Ladies” dance! Winner: Rickroll.
  • Barrel Roll vs. Let It Roll: The Barrel Roll is ridiculously awesome, but the George Harrison compilation Let It Roll features the song “What Is Life,” coincidentally the same thing I am asking myself now as I write this post. Winner: Let It Roll.
  • Barrel Roll vs. the Tootsie Roll: The 69 Boyz’s “Tootsie Roll” has us going to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right, to the side, to the side, to the back, and to the back. The Barrel Roll does it all in one fell swoop. So graceful, it doesn’t even need the dip. Winner: Barrel Roll.
  • Barrel Roll vs. Crescent Rolls: Okay, so crescent rolls have nothing to do with pop culture. But something so versatile and delicious is simply unbeatable. Woo-hoo! Winner: Crescent Rolls.

Have you guys done the Barrel Roll? How good are crescent rolls?! And click here to find out what Google’s next awesome meme will be!

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