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Aly Semigran
November 04, 2011 AT 03:26 PM EDT

The news that ABC gave full seasons orders to some of their shows, including Happy Endings, made me stop dead in my tracks (after all, women be stoppin’) and do an excited invisible hula hoop dance. More Max! More Jane! More whisker baskets!

Perhaps initially brushed off by viewers as another Friends or another How I Met Your Mother rip-off (which it’s not), Happy Endings, which started this year as a midseason replacement, has gained momentum in its second season thanks to word of mouth from fans, the firing-on-all-cylinders cast and writing, and, yes, a little bit of bad weather.

While I think the ABC Wednesday night line-up would feel more complete with Cougar Town back (I can imagine the cul-de-sac crew getting along swimmingly with the HE gang, can’t you?), I have to toast ABC for their Happy Endings pickup. Not only does the show (and the ratings) continue to get better and better (that hilarious cameo from Fred Savage this week, who also directed the episode, was a hit around here at EW), but, most importantly, the network is allowing the series a chance to grow even more. After all, there’s still the potential for a Dave and Alex reunion, for Penny to settle down with a deserving boyfriend, for Jane and Brad to have babies (but not move to the suburbs), and for Max to, well, continue to be Max. In fact, I’m still holding out for a third (and fourth… and fifth) season pickup, but for now, I’m just happy it’s not ending.

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