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Sandra Gonzalez
November 07, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EST

UPDATE: The full recap is up! I have a recap to work on, folks. But let’s be clear: Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother was epic in every sense of the word. How exactly? Well, you can see below, but SPOILERS await, so do not go any further if you haven’t watched the episode.

Ron P Jaffe/CBS

In tonight’s episode, “Disaster Averted,” we heard the tale of how the gang escaped the grasp of Hurricane Irene, but Barney and Robin got swept away in something much more powerful — their passion for each other.

In the back of a cab, while the two were reminiscing about almost-kiss during said storm, the pair shared a quick moment before leaning in and kissing like they aren’t both dating other people. We’re talking full-blown make-out action.

More on this when my recap goes up later tonight/early tomorrow morning. But meanwhile, I needed to give fellow Barney and Robin fans a chance to chat about this huge moment, one I’d been thinking was further and further away from us as the two characters got deeper into their respective relationships. On that note, yikes! I can’t imagine how this development will affect Nora and Kevin.

Anyway, HIMYM fans, did you see this coming? (If you read my Spoiler Room column, you probably had a hint.) Where do you think we’ll go from here? And do you like this development?

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