James Hibberd
November 09, 2011 AT 05:47 PM EST

Yeti or not, here he comes![/caption]

UPDATED 2013: With Sharknado unveiled last night, we’ve updated this list!

PREVIOUS: Syfy unleashes its latest original creature feature this week: Rage of the Yeti. Now that’s a title! It sounds like a furious snowy Ewok.

While most networks have ditched their original movie efforts, Syfy has ramped up their output in recent years and currently airs more first-run movies than ever before (24 in 2010). Some of the movies are lousy and many are pretty fun, but the movies listed below share only one thing in common: An awesomely bad title.

Here’s 17 more besides Rage of the Yeti with photos, counting up to the best / worst: READ MORE, HERE’S #17

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