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November 10, 2011 AT 07:27 AM EST

Are my ears ringing? Is my Marcus Canty-loving heart all aflutter? Am I experiencing severe Simon Cowell snark withdrawals? Yes, yes, and yes, which means that last night was most definitely X-Factor live show night. Wednesday’s powerhouse performances made last week’s show seem tame in comparison, resulting in an infectious energy that spread to the whole raucous crowd. Actually, scratch that. It was an infectious energy that spread to everybody but famed mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell, whose intimidating stone face never flinched during any of the 11 performances.

Luckily, Chuck was the only one. Most of The X Factor‘s movie night was broadcast nationwide, but, as always, there were plenty of things that you simply couldn’t see on TV. The judges were all warm, interactive, and friendly, and the audience was treated to everything from a Paula Abdul diss to a visit from McKinley High’s glee club. Read on for more from inside the studio at X Factor last night:

Simon Don’t Dance Apparently, Simon is straight up against dancing to Paula Abdul music. During one of the commercial breaks, Paula’s biggest hit started booming from the X-Speakers. Simon happened to be standing and chatting with Bill the warm-up guy, who then asked the judge if he would treat us to a little dance. You know — just for a second. Paula shimmied her stuff, but Simon gave the crowd his best grumpy face and a solid “absolutely not.” End. Of. Discussion.

Ladies Love Cool Astro (and Marcus) Glad to know I’m not the only one. Paula dramatically swooned during Marcus’ performance, but the real Beatlemania came from the ladies in the crowd. After the show, Marcus and Astro were prompted to greet their shrieking, adoring fans in the first few rows. It’s only week three of the live performances, but these two are already faced with grabby fans who just will not let go. Marcus, for one, ate it up. Astro was a bit more shy, because he’s still a puppy. But still — unreal.

Sizing Up Stacy After Stacy Francis’ performance-heavy rendition of “Queen of the Night,” the judges were mixed. When we cut to commercial, L.A. Reid was booed for criticizing her performance, and Paula fake-slapped Simon for his remarks. L.A., bewildered, turned to the crowd and asked, “You really liked that? You really liked what she was doing?” Ouch, Stacy — L.A. is not a fan. He then said that we should only be cheering for his contestants, which sort of lightened the mood.

Lose Yourself, Gleeks! Glee stars Kevin McHale and Damian McGinty were in the house, and they were huge fans of Astro’s rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” I didn’t see them get too crazy during any other song, but they definitely lost themselves in this one.

Pick Your Poison During one particularly testy commercial break, we saw that folks nationwide had been tweeting their favorite judge for an X Factor poll. Surprisingly, L.A. won by a landslide, leaving the rest of those has-beens in the dust. He had won 37 percent of the vote, while Simon came in dead last with 20. Ouch, guys. He makes the show. Thankfully, Simon’s ego didn’t stay bruised for long. A fan by the name of Trevor started screaming for Simon to look at him, and Simon graciously obliged. He also waved and smiled, but even this wasn’t enough for Trevor. Trevor barged his way to the stage, uninvited, to half-hug Simon. “Who is your favorite judge, Trevor?” Bill joked. “Simon!” he excitedly screamed.

A Little Bit Softer Now Last week the crowd was advised to quiet down because the judges couldn’t hear the performances, and they didn’t do a very good job. But this week, things were even worse. The judges were thankful for the energy, but L.A. was a bit (jokingly?) frustrated when he couldn’t hear what was going on. “Shut up!” he yelled as we cut to commercial. Nicole agreed. “What Kool-Aid you guys been drinking, maaaan?” she asked.

The Steve-A-Prompter Host Steve Jones has noticeably been a little bit stiff, but maybe it’s only because he can’t take his eyes off the darn teleprompter. It was pretty big and easy to see from the audience, and Bill had to ask the crowd to stop jokingly mouthing along during taping. Hilarious!

But what do you think, PopWatchers — would you want to see a large crowd of robot Steve Joneses? Did you enjoy last night’s performances? Are you secretly obsessed with Astro? Let us know in the comments!

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