Grady Smith
November 11, 2011 AT 05:00 AM EST

Think you had a lot of candy lying around after Halloween? You’ve got nothing on Kina Grannis, 26. The popular YouTube singer-songwriter’s new music video, ”In Your Arms,” which garnered nearly 2 million views in its first five days, features 288,000 jelly beans. (And no greenscreen!)

The elaborate stop-motion clip was conceived by director Greg Jardin, who began shooting in July 2010. ”Anytime I’m not on tour,” says Grannis, ”I’m in [Greg’s] second bedroom working on this video.” Production was intensive: For each of the 2,460 individual frames, a crew had to build a high-fructose portrait out of thousands of beans (donated by Jelly Belly), which typically took between 20 minutes and an hour. Grannis would then lie down on a piece of glass mounted over the candy, and a producer would tweak her hair, posture, and expression for 10 minutes before she was finally photographed. Then she’d do it all again. ”Some nights we’d get, like, two frames done,” she confesses.

In the end, that work paid off: Her candied clip provides a Technicolor sugar buzz — minus the cavities.

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